A week after armed protesters gathered outside a Dallas mosque and released the names and addresses of Muslims and Muslim supporters, nearly a hundred people gathered outside the same mosque, calling for peace.

Last week, a group of armed protesters gathered around the Islamic Center of Irving.  Though accused of using the weapons for intimidation, the protesters maintained the arms were for self-defense only.  The same protesters, lead by David Wright, posted the names and addresses of Muslims and "Muslim Sympathizers" on their groups' website.  The names were of those who registered to speak against a proposed ordinance banning foreign law.  Critics of the ordinance say it unfairly targets Muslims.

Saturday, around a hundred people gathered around the Islamic Center of Irving to counteract the previous week's protest, calling for peace.  Wright stated that he and his group would not show up to the peace rally, though they consider it to be an endorsement of Islam and the spreading of its influence.

There have been a multitude of anti-Islamic protests across the country in 2015, including cartoon contests drawing the prophet Mohamed in Texas and Arizona, and Christians crashing a Muslim Capitol Day at the state capitol.

via KLTV