The Atlanta Falcons aren't the only birds flying high.

A photo of 80 falcons on a plane has been making the rounds after it popped up on Reddit. The post says they're hawks, but they appear to be falcons.

The Redditor says a Saudi prince bought tickets for all the birds.

Imagine the truth when they reached their destination and could legitimately say, "Hey, I just flew in from Riyadh and boy are my arms tired." Imagine how much it must've stunk to be stuck siting next to one of these birds and getting up to go to the bathroom only to find it pooped on your seat. Imagine how many times each falcon looked out the window at the sky and said, "I've been there."

Yeah, it seems weird, but, surprisingly, this isn't the first time falcons have flown the friendly skies, either.

Hmm, birds flying in from the Middle East? We can't help but wonder if they're part of the travel ban.

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