In case you did not see this over the weekend a petition was created to remove a confederate statue near Memorial Auditorium.

Over the past few weeks we have seen people wanting confederate statues to come down throughout our country. It looks like some folks want a local confederate statue to come down. The statue was erected in Wichita Falls in 1934 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The statue states it is 'in memory of the sons of the southland'.

A petition has been created by Kelly Blose and she plans on taking it to the Wichita Falls City Council and Mayor Stephen Santellana. The petition states that, "To those who say this statue represents their history and culture, we say that culture was founded solely upon racism. Texas' intention for joining the confederacy and its support of slavery is clearly demonstrated in Texas' declaration of causes from February 2, 1861."

Many others have said since Wichita Falls was established as a city in 1876 this statue has no place in our city since the confederacy lasted from 1861-1865. No word on how many signatures the petition is aiming to hit, but as of this post it currently has over 400.

We will see what happens in Wichita Falls with this statue in the future.

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