Many people came out to let their opinions be known yesterday and one woman's message is going viral.

In case you missed it yesterday, the Wichita Falls City Council had a meeting. One of the topics that was discussed was the Confederate Statue outside of Memorial Auditorium. We have talked a lot about this the past couple of weeks. Some people want it gone and some people want it to stay right where it is.

If you would like to check out the full city council meeting. That is in the video above. Below you can see a small clip for the meeting which features Cathy Dodson. She discusses her time in Wichita Falls and how she went from being on welfare to being a millionaire. She goes onto say, that statue means nothing to her. That statue didn't prevent her from achieving any success in our city.

I think with this issue in our city, people have already made up their minds. However, I urge everyone to hear from both sides. I know, I'm pretty stubborn myself and I always think I'm right. All I'm asking is to hear people out. The City Council made the decision yesterday to put the fate of the confederate statue up to a petition brought on by the citizens.

Residents can go to the City Clerks Office to pick up a formal form to start a petition.These petitions need at least 3,000 signatures to be accepted by the City Council. Once the signatures are gathered, the petition would go up for a vote in May. According to Mayor Stephen Santellana, if the petition get enough signatures and the vote to remove the statue gets more than 50% and one vote. The statue will be removed from where it currently sits.

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