Looks like the other side to this discussion would also like to be heard by the Wichita Falls City Council.

A petition went up over the weekend asking the city of Wichita Falls to remove the confederate statue that was placed in our city in 1934. The statue was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The statue states it is 'in memory of the sons of the southland'. The petition to remove the statue is currently over 1,300 signatures as of this post.

When we put these stories up for people to see, I saw many folks who were wanting the statue to stay. Another petition has gone up asking the city of Wichita Falls to honor the Civil War statue by keeping it in its place. It appears as if Eilena Bolf started this petition and so far has just under 100 signatures. If you were someone who wants to keep the statue, sign away.

Eliana said in their petition, "This monument is in place to honor the men who served their country, during the Civil War.  Removing this statue will not change history.  It is a reminder, that during a time of great strife, great men were honorable and stood proud, even when facing their own death.  The monument is defined by each individual differently. If seen as a reminder that slavery happened and represents the beginning of the struggle for African Americans, why erase it?  If seen as a dedication to lives lost, why erase it.?  If seen as a symbol of unity and perseverance at a time of war, why erase it?  It is history. "

This petition states it will be given to the city of Wichita Falls administration once completed.

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