A woman on Reddit says she stormed out of her brother's engagement party after he told her she was stealing his spotlight.

The woman, who took a six-hour flight to celebrate her older brother's engagement, explained she hasn't seen her family in a long time due to her education and career.

"I moved away for college when I turned 18, and I've been very busy ever since, so I don't visit home very much," she wrote in her post, adding, she "didn't even make it to Christmas for a few years."

Once she arrived at the engagement party, she congratulated her brother and his soon-to-be wife, and was thrilled to catch up with her aunts, uncles and cousins.

"They were asking about what I was doing, how my rotations were, similar questions, etc.," the woman, who appears to work in the medical field, explained.

Eventually, her brother "pulled [her] aside and told [her] to please stop stealing the show again [at] his goddamn engagement party," even though all she did "was literally show up." Her brother claimed she has a way of "outdoing" him at everything, and he was furious that she was getting attention at his engagement party.

"...Between the two of us, I was the calm, academically inclined one who was a straight A student and recently started residency. He was the artistically inclined troublemaker. However, from my perspective, that was eight years ago, and I only visited a handful of times during these years," she wrote.

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The woman shared that her brother told her to "stop doing what I was doing, and not brag about my job, dating life or anything else."

"Mind you, I was being asked questions, not bragging. I thought he simply wanted me to leave his party based on this and left, saying he could enjoy the spotlight as he pleased. I was honestly sad that he wasn't at all happy to see me and was mostly angry," she continued.

So, she left the party.

"My parents kept calling me asking me to come back but I said I didn't want to disturb Mike's night. My parents think I ... caused a scene, as does Mike. I told them about Mike's comments and they are now outraged at him. Everyone's in a conflict more or less," she concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the brother for being rude and making the woman feel uncomfortable.

"Your brother's own insecurity fed this entire situation," one user wrote.

"Given his comments to you, you weren't wrong for leaving. What the heck else could you have done, refuse to talk to anyone or answer their questions?" another asked.

"Your brother's request was terribly rude. Stay at my party but don't talk to anyone, and don't answer questions about your life equals leave," someone else commented.

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