A man on Reddit explained why he doesn't want his girlfriend's two dogs living with them in their new apartment.

The man shared that his girlfriend's two dogs "act aggressive" towards his own dog, Johnny, and therefore he feels uncomfortable with them in their home.

"I've told her that this was a concern. I've had him for over 8 years so if anything happened to Johnny I wouldn't know what to do but she brushes it off as her dogs 'being puppies' and that they were actually sweethearts who are just curious about him. She has had those 'puppies' for almost two years now," he wrote via Reddit.

"Her dogs are problematic. The few times I saw her roommate walking the dogs they were getting up close and sniffing every person walking past and barking loudly at other dogs. They are clearly untrained, it's a miracle that no one complains about it," he continued.

The man recalled bringing up the issue several times with her, but he feels "she doesn't care" and believes her dogs will "continue to act the same way towards my boy Johnny."

"I've suggested that she leave the dogs with her roommate who seems to be the caretaker of the dogs the few times I've been over, or with the shelter because I don't think our dogs can live together safely. She won't accept it, telling me that they are hers and that they are friendly and won't ever harm my dog," he added.

The man eventually gave her an ultimatum — "either her dogs or mine" — as he can't part with his pooch.

"She broke down, saying things like how are we going to be together in the future if I wouldn't even let her live with me. I told her over and over that she could but she just couldn't bring her dogs, and if we couldn't live together then we wouldn't be able to see each other often anymore," he continued, noting that after a long argument, he lost his "cool" and blurted out that she "should just get rid of her dogs."

"She got up and left and wouldn't even answer any of my calls, it's been a few days now and I'm nervous to even visit her to make up for it. She doesn't seem to care about Johnny and I think that she overreacted," he concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users rallied behind the man, with many suggesting the couple probably shouldn't live together.

"Do not move in with her if you have even the slightest hesitation of her dogs being around your dog. A Chihuahua would never stand a chance against two German Shepherds. Also, don’t let her get away with manipulating you with tears. Your first responsibility is to your dog of 8 years and at 2 years of age, her dogs are no longer puppies, so their confrontational and aggressive behavior is due to poor training and lack of socialization," one user shared.

"She shouldn't have the dogs in the first place if she can't train them properly," another wrote.

"The two of you obviously should not move in together," someone else commented.

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