Here’s your reminder to stop, drop, and roll.

The hits just keep coming from the Austin street takeover that happened back on the weekend of February 18. By now, just about everyone has seen video footage of the craziness that occurred in our state capital.

Yours truly posted about it a couple of times last week. I also shared the story of Governor Greg Abbott creating a task force to help combat street takeovers.

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When reporting on these sorts of things, I’m always quick to point out that I was a pretty wild young’un myself. So, I’m not here to condemn anybody. I just want people to be considerate of others – especially law enforcement.

But I think it’s equally important to spread awareness of just how dangerous takeovers (and street racing, in general) can be.

When you think about the dangers associated with street takeovers, cars wrecking or people getting run over immediately comes to mind. But prior to the Austin takeover, I never really associated bystanders catching fire with them.

But that’s exactly what happened that fateful weekend in Austin.

The latest video shows a couple of guys catching fire after a truck burst through a fire in the intersection and did a hard left turn, which caused the fire to quickly spread, engulfing bystanders. The guys who caught fire in the below video acted quickly and appear to be okay, but probably needed medical attention.

Hopefully, they learned their lesson.

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