Turn about is fair play -- so the saying goes.  The Oklahoma government approved a statue of the 10 Commandments and placed it on the steps of the Capitol.  Now, one group is asking for some fair play and have designed a statue to promote Satan to appear at the Capitol.

You can see by the picture that a benevolent Satan is sitting under a pentagram and has taken the shape of a goat with horns.  Two adoring children are to his left and right.  The design, provided by the Satanic Temple of New York, even shows that you can sit on Satan's lap and contemplate the universe or ask him for presents al la Santa. . .

The Oklahoma government (or the committee that approves these kinds of things) says they aren't considering any new applications right now -- which means:  "if we ignore this, it will go away."

Well, it won't go away.  The ACLU now has gotten behind the issue.  They don't care about the whole Satanist vs. Christian thing.  They care about equal treatment and separation of church and state.

Would they REALLY put that statue up in the heart of the bible belt?  Well, they've already raised half the amount of money they would need to do it.

The question then is:  What do we do?  The answer is simple:  Honor the constitution.

Our state houses should be agnostic and free of religious contemplation.  Our founding fathers wanted a new government -- one that did not tell citizens how to worship.  They wanted a government that gave everyone (including Satanists) the right to worship peacefully without being persecuted.  They decided to have a moral institution that was not a religious one.  They thought of all the wars that were pushed by idea of religious superiority -- and decided we didn't want to go that way.  So, if we insist on promoting one religion over another on the steps of our state houses, we should feel honored to promote them all.  If we're not ready for that as a community -- than let's follow our forefathers' examples and make the government neutral so they can spend time governing.

My example and my actions are my Christian calling card.  I don't need a statue.

What are your thoughts about having this statue displayed at the Oklahoma Capitol? Let us know in the comments section below.