Brian Gibson, the General Manager for Durham Services, the company that runs the WFISD school bus system, issued a statement clarifying the incident that occurred on a school bus Tuesday afternoon.

After leaving Barwise MS on Tuesday, November 16 a bus had a disciplinary issue involving a single student throwing a pencil and hitting the driver in the head.  The event affected the driver’s ability to safely transport students and required he take immediate action to get the students under control by stopping his bus.  Another bus driver who was directly behind bus 17 noticed students out of their seats and also stopped his bus to assist.  Finally, a passing Constable saw the buses stopped and also boarded the bus to assist with getting the students under control.  Neither of the bus drivers were physically attacked by students before, during, or after the bus stopped to address the safety concern. WFPD was not called or dispatched to the scene for assistance and the total length of time the bus was stopped in relation to this issue was less than two minutes.

Durham Transportation transports approximately 3500 students per day.  Therefore, student discipline is something our bus drivers deal with on a daily basis and are prepared to handle.  The safety of our students, as well as our drivers is our primary concerns in these situations.

After a complete investigation of the events that occurred on the bus, all students involved have been disciplined in accordance with the established Discipline and Safety Policies.



A post on social media Tuesday evening indicated that a Durham School Bus driver was attacked by group of students on a bus on Kemp Blvd Tuesday afternoon.

The post on Facebook claimed the driver of the bus was being hit with backpacks and books.

Individuals we reached out to could only confirm that an attack occurred and that people from a nearby business assisted the driver. The video footage from the bus is reportedly being reviewed and the incident investigated.

NewsTalk 1290 has reached out to WFISD officials for more information. We'll update you as soon as details become available.

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