Justin Love has been offered a deal of 50 years in prison for his part in the shooting death of Domanic Thrasher, all while his attorney is being investigated for improper actions.

Justin Love, Whitney O'Brien, and Blayne Brooks have been charged with the murder of Domanic Thrasher in June of 2015. O'Brien testified that they trio arranged to sell marijuana to Thrasher, and when Thrasher tried to run off without paying, Brooks shot Thrasher, killing him. Brooks was found guilty and received a sentence of 60 years. Love, who O'Brien identified as the driver of the vehicle, has been given the rest of the month to consider a plea deal that includes a 50 year sentence.

Unfortunately for Love, there are also accusations of improper actions on the part of his attorney, Mark Barber. The District Attorney's office filed a motion to have Barber's actions investigation after it was believed Barber illegally supplied Love's wife Tamilyn with a disc of case files and witness statements that she passed along to Love.

KFDX reports that recorded conversations between Tamilyn and Love showed that Tamilyn was aware of the illegality of her being in possession of the case files. Also, when Tamilyn read the evidence against Brooks to Love, Love acknowledged that he was likely to be convicted too and instructed Tamilyn to take her family and leave the area to prevent them from being called against him to testify. However, investigators say Tamilyn lied to Love when reading the parts of the case files about her statements to police. She told Love that she told the police she had no knowledge of the shooting and that she and Love were at home together at the time, which investigators say is contrary to what she told detectives.

Attorney Mark Barber has a less-than-stellar reputation, having previously been arrested for hitting another man in the face with a beer mug at Old Town Saloon, and also arrested for allegedly showing up drunk and naked to a woman's house a year after he ran for District Attorney.

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