Remember a few weeks ago I told you about Corpus Cristi-Opoly? I shared my ideas for a Wichita Falls monopoly game, and I guess someone was listening to my plea.

We found an actual Wichita Falls-Opoly game at the Walmart on Central Freeway today. The properties are pretty fun around the board. Right past GO, we have the Red Draw for sale. Count me in for that one.

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Other fun properties, World's Littlest Skyscraper, The Falls, Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, and Sheppard Air Force Base to name a few. Instead of doing hotels, you get 'keys' to those properties. You upgrade them with city 'blocks' instead of building up a hotel.

Instead of Chance cards, you get Contingency cards. Here's a sample of what some of the cards say:

"You ate too many kimchi fries at Gypsy Kit. Lose One Turn."
"It's your big night to perform. Advance Directly to the Wichita Theatre."
"You placed first at the Hotter'N Hell Hundred. Collect $20."

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I have only two complaints about the game. One, they used generic pieces for the game. I threw out some ideas in my post about what to use. A fighter jet, Red draw mug, and a Bicycle would have been some perfect pieces. My only other complaint is, instead of jail, you have Traffic Jam. What traffic in Wichita Falls? We have said many times that one of the best things about living here is no traffic. Other than that, the board is awesome.

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You can for sure get the Wichita Falls-Opoly game at the Walmart on Central Freeway right now. We called our other two Walmarts in town and the one on Lawrence Road said they're not in stock yet; they have been ordered and are on the way. The Walmart on Greenbriar just off of Southwest Parkway said they do have them, but they're not on display yet, so if you ask they can get you one. The price is $19.98.

Have fun playing and please don't flip the game board when if you lose.

We actually bought a couple of these and we want to give one to you. If you would like to get registered to win a Wichita Falls-Opoly board game, you can do that right here. Good luck!

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