People that do this freak me the hell out.

Nothing gives me more anxiety than watching someone scale a tall building. I can't watch those YouTube videos and it looks like we had a daredevil in Oklahoma City this morning. It looks like police were getting reports of a man trying to climb the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City. Not only is that the tallest building in the city, it is the tallest in Oklahoma.

It is the 71st tallest building in the country coming in at 844 feet tall. According to Dan Snyder with Fox 25, the man got very high in his journey and was doing this to oppose abortion. I'm not kidding, he goes as the Pro Life Spiderman on Instagram. You can see his story of him climbing the building and the reason he is doing it. (note this link will disappear in 24 hours).

Apparently a woman by the name of Riley has ordered abortion pills and he is trying to bring awareness to this to stop her from taking them? I am literally going by what is on his Instagram story. This dude is nuts. No gear holding him up there. Just chalk for his hands and nerves of steel. Oklahoma City police were waiting for Maison Des Champs at the top of building once he made his way there.

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Looks like he will be facing charges of misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct. According to Oklahoma News 4, it was 35-40 mph winds at the top of the building this morning.

For the pro life folks out there, looks like Spiderman is on your side.

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