This could get interesting....

If you've ever thought to yourself "I just wish the President would say...," then today is your lucky day. A new website has taken clips form tons of Obama speeches and compiled them all together to give you the ability to put words in the President's mouth.

TalkObamaTo.Me is a pretty simple looking website with an unbelievable amount of options available. You type in whatever you want, and it will load a video of Obama saying it. And yes, before you even try it, curse words work.

If you expecting it to be as well said as some of the 'Obama singing' videos that we've seen before, you might be a little bit let down. While it will get as close as possible to what you type, sometimes it sounds a little bit robotic. Still, it's a lot closer than most of us will ever get to being able to control what the President says.

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