Luckily the delivery driver was armed in this scenario. 

In Mesquite, Texas a pair of teenagers were attempting to rob a Domino's delivery driver. The teenagers placed an order for a pizza, and when the delivery person would show up, the teens would point guns at them and rob the driver. According to this driver, when he showed up, one of the teenagers fired a shot at him.

The driver also happened to be packing and returned fire at the teens. One of them, 16-year-old Wayne Osbourne, was hit and killed. The other teenager was later apprehended by police. Domino's has released statements on the incident.

They say delivery drivers carry no more than twenty dollars in change on them and also the delivery driver is currently suspended. "The driver involved is cooperating with police and is currently suspended during the investigation, per the policy of the franchisee that owns the store," the publicist said.

The delivery person did not have a license to carry a gun and could face charges of unlawful possession. No additional charges have been announced at this time.

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