With the cooler weather, Texas is being invaded by crickets.

The cricket apocalypse isn't too bad in Wichita Falls, but other parts of Texas are dealing with an invasion right now. These things love to hang out in front of doors creating quite the crunchy walk as you walk into places. You're not trying to step on them, but they're everywhere.

Over in Boerne, Texas, they have an answer, chickens. Van Raub Elementary School actually let the kindergarten class raise the chickens last year. They were incubated and hatched in their class. I never got to do anything remotely that cool in kindergarten. The school also lets the kids get the eggs that the hens lay and the school actually uses them for food.

Well, the chickens have also been let loose in the mornings to feed on the crickets that hang out near the front doors. Crickets are an excellent source of protein for them and they're also cleaning up the campus. An all-around win in my opinion. The school says this prevents them from using pesticides around campus, which I am sure many parents are thankful for.

Sounds like every school needs some campus chickens. I know I would have thought that was awesome when I was a kid.

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