We have all heard the phrase, 'Don't knock it til you try it.' I think the cricket market is going to be tough for some people to swallow.

I'm all for trying new things, but I don't know if I want this new product coming to store shelves soon. From the fine folks at EXO protein, they give you whole roasted crickets. Yes, if you always watched a lizard enjoying their crickets, you won't be left out of the fun anymore.

EXO protein has partnered up with farmers over in Austin to raise crickets for consumption. They get chicken feed and water. When they mature, they're frozen, then roasted, and flavored. What flavors would you want your cricket to be? How about Texas BBQ, Sea Salt and Vinegar, and Siracha? Yum, I can hear the crunch of those crickets now.

Yes, I understand that crickets have good nutritional value and people already have been eating them forever in countries around the world. It still sounds weird, but I would still try it. These crickets will be on store shelves soon around Texas at H-E-B. We will see when they hit our neck of the woods.

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