We all had our parents take away something from us when we were acting up. This Texas father actually got himself in trouble for doing that. 

I can't believe as a kid I could have done this to my parents. Granted, this only happened because the parents were divorced. Ronald Jackson saw a text message on his daughter's phone that he thought was inappropriate, so he confiscated the phone from her.

She told her mother about this and she wanted the phone back since she paid for it. Now her mother is currently married to a police officer, who decided to get the police involved. "At that point, I decided the police don't interfere with my ability to parent my daughter," Mr Jackson told WFAA.

I am assuming Mr. Jackson knew if he gave the phone back, his ex-wife would immediately give it back to his daughter. Well, Mr. Jackson has now faced some legal trouble because of his actions. Mr Jackson was issued with a theft misdemeanour three months later and offered a plea deal if he gave the phone back. He refused, and instead was charged with a more severe offence by Dallas County District Attorney.

This has actually been going on for almost nineteen months now. Well Mr. Jackson has now been cleared of all charges. He had refused to give the phone back that entire time, which is why it escalated to this level. This sounds like two stubborn people to me, that should have never been together in the first place.

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