Parts of Texas have been dealing with severe flooding the past couple of weeks. This guy wasn't gonna let that stop him from getting some pizza.

Over in Burnet, Texas, they have been dealing with a lot of rain. Which has led to a lot of their roads flooding and people unable to get out in their vehicles. People still have to eat and it looks like Domino's Pizza will make the trip. Only about halfway though, they will meet you on the other side of the flooded road.

It is up for you to get on the other side of that flooded street and that is exactly what Ricky Freeman's friend had to do for some pizza on Tuesday. Ricky's friend got two of those big black trash bags you use for yard work. Put one on each leg and braved the little-flooded street.

Yes, he looks ridiculous. He did get his pizza, so who is laughing now? Well, all of us. We're still laughing at you.

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