I don't know about you, but this would make me want to show up late back in the day.

How do you stop kids from showing up late to school? At my high school, it was a five strikes policy. Basically kids in detention at my school had to spend 30 minutes after school picking up trash. If you were late five times, you had to do that punishment. If it was ten times, you had to show up for several hours on a Saturday for a punishment.

I personally had to paint over the graffiti in the bathroom stalls. So yeah, I was the kid that showed up late A LOT. I only had to do the Saturday punishment once though. Over in Dallas at Skyline high school they have a lot of kids showing up late to school. They have made the decision to put the late kids in the auditorium for the whole first period.

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If you take a look at the story that FOX 4 out of Dallas did, it's a bunch of students. Easily over 100 kids are in that auditorium. My question to you, is this a punishment? You mean to tell me I can show up late and not have to go to my first class? Sounds like a reward in high school if you ask me on some of those mornings.

Parents are also upset because it is mainly their fault the kids are showing up late. They're hitting Dallas traffic and for their actions their kids are being punished. That was mainly why I was late in high school. Get that extra ten minutes of sleep would always bite me in the butt that morning.

Looks like Skyline will be reversing their policy this week, even though they claim it worked.

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