A Texas Sheriff is under fire after it was discovered his jail had mistakenly released 12 inmates over the past year.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar is having to answer for a lot since it was announced that a dozen inmates from his jail were set free long before they were supposed to. During a press conference Friday, Salazar confirmed that an investigation had been started each time an inmate was mistakenly released, and while he feels its still too early to direct blame, he isn't ruling out the possibility that the releases were intentional,

While I know I have to move with some purpose in these investigations, I can’t rush them either. I've got to make sure we’re going by the numbers and we’re looking at every possible angle.

According to the New York Post, Salazar said he is also considering a suggestion from County Judge Nelson Wolff to hire on a professional jail administrator. Judge Wolff also spoke on the situation, saying such a lapse in release procedures is unheard of,


He tells me he’s doing everything he can and I believe he’s trying but this many incidents over the last several months is unheard of.

We’ve been exasperated about this for some time now and the Sheriff is in charge of the jail but it’s getting to the point now where some drastic changes need to be made.

Some changes have already been decided on, with the scheduling of a captain on each shift at the jail, and chiefs monitoring the release process.

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