Think that Christmas tree is just junk after Christmas? Nah you can get some good use out of it.

I don't know about you, but I was a real tree household growing up. It was real tree or nothing. You have positives and negatives to both types of trees. A positive to real, you don't have to have a giant box taking up storage in your home all year with the fake tree in it. Negative, getting rid of that Christmas tree every year. Once Christmas is wrapped up, dragging that tree out means pine needles everywhere.

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You take it to the dump or you have someone come pick it up. Turns out over in Copperas Cove, Texas you can donate your old tree to Canes for Veterans of Central Texas. They will take your old tree and trim it down into a sturdy cane. Jamie Willis started this organization back in 2019. Being a vet himself, he needs a cane to get around.

He thought this is a simple way to get some use out of those old Christmas trees and help out his fellow veterans. On average he gets over 100 Christmas trees every year to turn into canes. Only a small percentage get thrown out because they won't be suitable to turn into a cane.

Turns out that is why Jamie started this organization is because the cane he was given from the military wasn't very durable and he knew he could make a better one. Plus he reaches out to the veteran and customizes each one for them. So that they feel like it is really theirs.

If you want more info on Canes for Veterans of Central Texas. Check out their Facebook page.

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