Did you try to travel with something you shouldn't have? It probably went up for sale at this store.

Welcome to the State Surplus Store in Austin. This store houses all of the stuff that has been confiscated at Texas airports or things that people left at an airport. Apparently, this is where people go to get a deal. You can probably guess that knives are a big item here. Remember guys, when you travel you cannot take a knife on a plane. I thought this was common knowledge, but the State Surplus Store says it is their biggest item without a doubt.

Another big thing is corkscrews and snow globes. Remember, you can't travel with liquids on a flight. Even though you technically can't open a snow globe, still can't take it on a flight. If you want your stuff, you have 14 days to claim it from the airport. If you don't, it goes to this store or Goodwill. The store also gives back to the community by donating cell phones and tablets left behind to local police departments.

I had no idea about this place. If you ever left something behind at an airport, it might be at this place. The State Surplus Store is at  6506 Bolm Road in Austin.

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