The principal said he had to cut his hair and he refused.

Over in San Antonio, a Texas teen is currently in a battle with the principal at Poth High School. Newt Johnson was growing out his hair for his sister, eleven-year-old Maggie Johnson. Maggie was diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, an auto immune disease affecting her kidneys.

Her treatments have caused tufts of her curly red hair to start falling out. Maggie loves Newt's hair, so to help her out, he decided to grow it out. Her hair has fallen out even more and she can get a wig made out of her brother's hair. Locks of Love says you need between eight to fourteen inches before donating it. One problem, that length of hair on a boy is unacceptable at his local high school.

His principal told him if the hair wasn't cut over the weekend, he would face disciplinary actions. Newt refused to cut his hair and the school wasn't changing their policy. So he withdrew and is currently being home schooled by his parents. “Listen to your kids, if they really believe in something even if it does go against the rules sometimes you just have to dig deep see if it’s really worth it or not,” said the Newt's father. “It’s worth it.”

Listen, I know policy is policy. You need to have exceptions in my opinion. This kid is doing something nice for a member of his family. I think you could look the other way on this one Poth High.

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