We have all probably had that one teacher that we thought would snap, one just did. 

Lisa Allison teaches the second grade at Landis Elementary School in Houston. She had enough of one of her students. According to her, the child was 'making noises' and she asked him to leave the classroom. The student left and was kicking lockers on the way to the principal's office. That is when Lisa left the classroom and escorted the student to the office.

That is when security cam footage showed Lisa grabbing the student by the hand. The child struggled to get away. Lisa then grabbed the kid by the neck and the video appears to show Lisa hitting the kid with a closed fist to the right side of his face.

“The Defendant then forces the complainant to the floor and sits on top of the complainant’s back as she holds him there,” the statement says. “As administrators arrive and tell the Defendant to get up off of the complainant, as Ms. [Allison] gets up, it is clearly observed that she has her knee on the complainant’s back.”

According to the second grader, Lisa told him she was 'tired of him' before the attack. When police interviewed Allison, she told them that “she didn’t recall hitting” the boy “but admitted holding him down on the floor.” Craig Eichhorn, a spokesman for the Alief Independent School District, said Allison was immediately placed on leave when allegations were brought to the attention of school and district administrators.

Craig also said her days of teaching are over. The Harris County district attorney’s office has charged Allison with felony injury to a child. If convicted, she faces 180 days to two years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000, according to prosecutors.