Hopefully this lady recovers because she has a long road ahead of her.

Crazy video coming out of San Antonio today. The video was uploaded a few days ago, but the incident actually happened back on April 14th. Shelby Mackenzie was rolling her trashcan to the curb for the morning pickup. When out of nowhere, a car jumps the curb and sends her flying several feet.

She was diagnosed with two skull fractures, three subdural hematomas, a dissection of her internal carotid artery and a complete rupture of all of the ligaments of her right knee. Sadly, the driver of the vehicle has minimal insurance and no assets to speak of. So all of Shelby's medical bills are now on her as a single mother.

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Her family has setup a GoFundMe to help for her medical bills. Shelby has been healing the past few weeks. Doctors say if she has no neurological issues, the only thing she will need his knee surgery. However, it is too early to tell right now if anything else will be needed.

It's a very scary hit to see and I can't believe Shelby can't get anything from the driver. If this person had a literal penny to their name, I'm getting it. You're not going to send me flying ten feet while taking my trash and get to go about the rest of your life. That looked like a fairly nice vehicle they were driving. Give me that!

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