Here in Wichita Falls we've come to expect the unexpected. Over the years we've had everything from giant tornadoes to 110 degrees plus heat for days at a time to 12 inch snowfalls on Christmas Eve to weeks of rain and the ensuing floods, but zombies? The CDC seems to think it's a possibility, so I'm getting my kit together!

According to the Centers for Disease Control your Zombie Apocalypse Kit should contain the usual emergency preparedness items like water, food, medications, blankets and first aid supplies. Although in the case of a zombie bite, there really is no first aid, you're a goner.

To the official CDC emergency preparedness kit I would also add a battery powered or wind-up radio to keep up with the latest breaking news on zombie positions and available safe houses along with a couple of flashlights with extra batteries. I've watched enough zombie movies to know that the undead tend to move at night and we've got to be prepared to do the same. (My personal favorite zombie movie is Pontypool. Be careful though, it's not for the kiddos, it's gritty and the language is rough at times, but it's almost entirely set inside a Radio station so it's right up my street.)

Get a kit, make a plan, be prepared ... for tornadoes, temporary power outages ... or the coming zombie apocalypse.

If we hear of any impending zombie activity, we'll be sure to let you know.

Dave D.

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