When the people ask for extra butter at this movie theater, my man Jason Courne here knows that the people want.

As someone who must butter their popcorn before a movie. I hate how our local theaters currently do this. They fill the popcorn bucket to the top and tell you to go put butter on it. This results in the top layer getting covered with butter. If you're a fat p.o.s. like me, you do the straw trick. You put a straw in the bucket and let the butter run through that to hit the popcorn throughout the bucket. If I feel my blood slowing down while eating the popcorn, I know I did a good job.

However, at the Cinemark in Corpus Christi, Texas. Jason Courne is the one who prepares the popcorn for you. His name tag literally says 'The Popcorn Guy". That's right other employees, don't you even THINK about touching that bucket. Jason is the expert and boy is he.

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He adds a scoop, then spins it WHILE the butter is being poured, so everywhere is covered. He keeps adding scoops, and butter, until that bucket is full. My God, Jason they're not paying you enough money sir.

Cinemark themselves even shared the video on their Instagram page. Nice touch of adding the Titanic song into the video. That's right Cinemark, you better never let go Jason! Damnit, now I want some popcorn and the movie theater is LITERALLY across the street from the station. I'll be back once I get a bucket.

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