At around 4:00 pm on Monday, a DPS trooper stopped a 2016 Chrysler minivan for a traffic violation on US-287 near Iowa Park.

$1 Million in Weed Seized in Iowa park
photo via DPS

During the traffic stop, a DPS canine unit alerted to the smell of narcotics inside the vehicle. The trooper discovered several large duffle bags of marijuana in the back seat. The total combined weight was over 174 pounds with an estimated value of over $1 million.

The driver of the minivan was identified as Samuel Herschel Clauder II, 64, of Arcata, California. Clauder was arrested and taken to the Wichita County jail.

Clauder is charged with felony possession of marijuana.  The drugs were allegedly being transported from California to Florida.

Clauder is described as a San Bernardino ‘political watchdog’ in a story from Mercury News. Clauder was once an aide to former democratic Rep. Joe Baca from California’s 43rd congressional district. Clauder was cleared of child pornography charges in San Bernardino County in 2013 and filed a $7.5 million dollar suit against the county.

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