This could have ended so badly. Thankfully, it did not.

Video shared on Twitter shows a man in Dallas being apprehended after he allegedly tried to steal an 18-wheeler after crashing his vehicle on I-35. At first glance, it appears that the pants-less man is cooperating with police and simply exiting the 18-wheeler.

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Upon further review, you’ll notice that he has been tased. That’s right, the guy has a taser in him and is completely unfazed. He just keeps on walking toward the officers like nothing’s wrong.

On top of the fact that he has a taser in him, he eats a can of pepper spray like it’s candy. He’s clearly high as hell on something and feeling no pain whatsoever. To quote the guy filming the video, he’s a beast.

Keep in mind that this is happening at night on the interstate in Dallas and folks there are always in a hurry to get where they’re going. Most of the cars in the video slow down, but others just keep on going.

Luckily, the officers were able to get him down on the ground before he wandered into traffic.

Some people on Twitter are pointing out that he may have been having a psychotic episode but as I mentioned earlier, I'm in the camp of those who believe he’s high on something. And whatever it is, I sure hope it’s the first and last time he does it.

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