One North Texas man is now in police custody after an argument with his roommate over a trivial matter spiraled way out of control.

What started out as a simple disagreement over something trivial, turned into a pretty violent fight between two roommates.   According to KWTX, 43-year-old Victor Shavers got into an argument with his roommate over what a mosquito looks like.  Things escalated pretty quickly, and Shavers grabbed a stick from his bedroom, and started beating his roommate with it.  His roommate obviously didn’t appreciate getting hit in head with a stick, and proceed to grab a metal baseball bat to defend himself with.  Both men ended up hitting each other several times while they were fighting with each other.

Both men were pretty injured, and required medical attention after the fight.  When Dallas Police arrived on the scene, they found Shavers’ roommate standing outside with a bloody face.  He had deep cuts on his left cheek, and required multiple stitches.  Shavers was seen sitting on the bed in the room where the fight took place, with blood on both the back of his head and on his hand.

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After talking with law enforcement, and admitting that he started the fight, Shavers was taken into police custody and charged with aggravated assault.  He was then taken to the Dallas County Jail, where he was held on a $28,000 bond.

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