On the one hand, a lot of people are going to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse in case that ever happens. On the other hand, a lot of people out there are buying guns to protect themselves from zombies. According to a gun rights advocate as well as a gun store owner, people are preparing themselves for the zombie apocalypse with guns and ammo.

People are stocking up for a zombie invasion by practicing on zombie targets  and buying zombie-themed cartridges and shells. One product, Zombie Max ammunition, comes in a box with a picture of a zombie on it and the slogan "Just in Case." Apparently it's flying off the shelves, and some suspect it's to be blamed on the popularity of 'The Walking Dead.'

Gun sales have increased so much that background checks twice shutdown the FBI's system. Another possible reason for this may be that the Center for Disease Control is encouraging people to be zombie-ready. They don't actually think we should be ready for a zombie takeover, but they hope that the steps for zombie preparedness will actually prepare people for a hurricane or major disaster.

Of course, most people don't read much beyond the headline, so now we've had the single largest number of background checks for gun sales in an individual day in history. Good job, America.

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