After literal decades of being a franchise, the Washington Commanders have a mascot. I see a lot of Cowboys fans making fun of the new character and I think you guys should keep quiet.

As someone who grew up in Maryland and was a Dallas Cowboys fan. The closest team to me during my childhood was the Washington Redskins, (Ravens didn't come around til 1996). I thankfully never even thought about being a fan of that franchise, but as a Dallas Cowboys rival. It was always fun to make fun of their fans every season.

In case you missed it yesterday, the Washington Commanders honored their former hall of fame offensive line know as the 'Hogs'. The term was used for the line throughout the 80's and early 90's. The Hog name became more famous as a group of male fans would dress in drag with pig noses and go to games as the 'Hogettes'.

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As we know, Washington recently went through a name change. One name many people wanted was the Red Hogs. To keep Red in the name, but also honor this part of Washington's history. They settled on Commanders, however yesterday during the Hog honoring ceremony. A mascot came running out of the tunnel.

Everyone please welcome Major Tuddy! A mascot that I guess will be at all future Commanders home games and it was not just for this ceremony this weekend. I saw a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans making fun of Major Tuddy, but I got to be honest Cowboys fans? Should we be making fun of ANY mascot?

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^I literally think Rowdy is the worst mascot in the NFL. If you're going to say Major Tuddy is awful, please tell me you think Rowdy also sucks. Below I will put my mascot rankings for all professional Texas sports mascots. Somehow Rowdy did not get dead last on my rankings, but sadly ANOTHER one of my teams somehow has a worse mascot.

The Definitive Ranking of Texas Professional Sports Mascots

I am a Dallas fan for pretty much everything, except baseball. Sorry, grew up in Baltimore so the Orioles are my team. However, when it comes to my mascot list below, I am being 100% honest. I think my choices will honestly shock you.

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