They still have two weeks from now.

Let's delve into some Dallas Cowboys history. Let's go back to 1982. The Dallas Cowboys are fighting their way towards a third straight NFC Championship appearance. The Cowboys defeated the Green Bay Packers to send them one step closer to a championship. That week, the Washington Redskins defeated the Minnesota Vikings and during the game a chant broke out in the stadium.

We Want Dallas! We Want Dallas! We Want Dallas! The Redskins would go onto beat the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship and would win their first Super Bowl that year. Ever since then, Washington fans have decided to start 'We Want Dallas' chants before the rivalry game hoping to bring the team some good luck.

...well yesterday's game didn't end the way the Football Team wanted it to. The Cowboys won 27-20 in Washington's home stadium. Enjoy the compilation above of the Washington fans chanting 'We Want Dallas' after beating the Las Vegas Raiders last week.

Don't worry Washington fans, we will see you guys again very soon. The Cowboys have prime time football next Sunday against the Washington Football Team and I think it will be another fun one as always. I think Washington fans thought they were gonna beat the Cowboys yesterday because they absolutely demolished them in 2020.

Dak didn't play in any of those games and in his career has only lost to Washington once. So we will see what goes down in a few weeks, but the 'We Want Dallas' chant didn't work out for you guys this time.

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