Are the Washington Commanders having money issues?

Nice to see the NFC East turning back into the NFC Beast. However, we do have one red headed step child in the group.

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
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No, not him. The Commanders organization as a whole has been a joke for many years now. As a Cowboys fan, I love it. However, I do feel bad for the fans that have to put up with this team. They LITERALLY had pee and poop rain down on them at the beginning of last season when a pipe burst in the stadium. One fan actually had something positive happen to them, or so they thought.

If you have been to a professional sports game in recent years, you have probably seen the 50/50 raffle that teams do. You buy tickets sort of like the lottery, if your number gets called during the game you win half the jackpot. The other goes to a charity of the teams choice.

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Back on September 11th, Drew Shipley won the 50/50 raffle at the Commanders game. A pretty sweet jackpot too, $14,822. Very nice! Well, Drew didn't get to take his money that day. The team said a check would be mailed out to him. It finally came last week. Drew probably had a big smile on his face getting ready to cash that bad boy in. Sadly, the check bounced. Yup, that's right the Commanders screwed this fan out of his rightful prize.

Drew was already pissed that check took so long to get to him and then it's not even a good check. “Quite maddening it took this long to get it,” Shipley told WUSA9 News. “I can’t believe a professional franchise would end up [doing something like that]. Obviously somebody dropped the ball.”

The Commanders ended up having to wire the money directly into Drew's account citing a 'bank error', according to Sports Illustrated. Nah, the Commanders just continue to literally s*** on their fans once again. How do you not have this money ready to go? Someone LITERALLY has to win this every week. This isn't like the one scene in Semi-Pro where you have to make a half court shot to win. Come on Commanders do at least one thing right this season and pay out the raffles every week.

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