Dan Snyder has officially lost his damn mind with this latest stunt.

Alright, let me delve into benchgate right now because this has been of the weirdest stories in the NFL this year. Let's go back to November 29th, the Seattle Seahawks were taking on the Washington Football Team at FedEx Field. The Seahawks had complaints about their bench heating system going out.

Since this is the home team's job to fix, the Cowboys reached out to Washington to see if this would be an issue for their game next week. Looks like Washington wouldn't get it fixed, so Jerry Jones flew in some Cowboys benches so his team would have working equipment. Considering the Washington Football Team had piss and s*** falling on their fans this season, I don't think maintenance is a high issue at FedEx Field. This should have been the end of the story.

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Last night, the story continues on. Dan Snyder is so effing petty that another team brought benches onto his field that he brought his benches into Philadelphia last night. Just a friendly reminder, the Cowboys played in New York on Sunday they DID NOT bring the Cowboys benches there. They only did this in Washington because their p.o.s. equipment wasn't working.

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Here is where we're going into how insane Dan Snyder is now. Washington announced they will be bringing these benches to Dallas on Sunday. Alright, let's see what the weather is on Sunday. A high of F***ING 82 DEGREES. Plus, if it were below freezing AT&T Stadium has the ability to close all the elements out.

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As a Cowboys fan, I grew up hating Washington. When I was a kid, these morons were the closest team to me in Maryland. I have no idea how anyone roots for this organization when Dan Snyder is the owner and the Cowboys live rent free in his head all day long. By the way, putting Washington in white jerseys at home so the Cowboys wear blue is also a petty move, but that's a story for another day.

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