Wichita Falls ISD is going paperless. That's right, no more huge packets to fill out to get your kiddos registered for school.

Starting Monday, July 11, all parents with returning or new students must register their children online for the 2016-2017 school year.

“It’s a huge transition, going from all paper to all digital,” said Leah Horton, a WFISD technology staff member. “We understand the growing pains.” However, many parents in the district have already given their stamp of approval for the switch to digital registration saying it's "the best thing the district has done for the campuses."

Previously, the registration process required parents to fill out stacks of papers for each child every August. That information was then entered manually into school computers. "It was a laborious task that inundated school secretaries for the first six weeks of school every year," said Ms. Horton.

WFISD officials say that parents of returning students will receive an email or letter next week with the link that will direct them to the new online registration system. New students will follow the same online registration, starting July 11. A link to the online registration will be available on the WFISD website.

According to WFISD, online registration can be completed on any mobile device or computer with Internet access. If parents have no Internet access, they can visit their school campus starting Monday and register using one of many Chromebooks that will be set up in kiosks in each school lobby.

Ms. Horton says the new registration process should take about 20 minutes for new students and 10 minutes or less for returning students.

There is one exception to the online registration process, however. Any additional documentation that must accompany registration will need to be hand-carried to the campus before the registration process can be completed. Additional documentation includes proof of residency for new students, new immunization records, a social security card, birth certificate, a parent/guardian photo ID, etc.

Ms. Horton urges all parents who must provide additional documentation to do the online registration first, then call the campus and visit the secretary to drop off the documentation.

Parents who qualify for free or reduced lunches can also fill out their Child Nutrition Application online starting July 11.