Credit: Lyn Caudle/Flickr
Credit: Lyn Caudle/Flickr

Come on Wichita Falls, can we get this done?

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One of my favorite traditions every year is the dying of the Chicago River for Saint Patrick's Day. Chicago has been doing this since 1962 if you can believe it and it's always a sight to see. My question to us here in Wichita Falls, can we just jack this idea?

Is it possible to dye the Falls green? I am no scientist or even an engineer. I just want to know, is it possible to dye the falls green. Apparently the city of Chicago uses 40 pounds of dye to make this possible, I doubt we would need that much here in Wichita Falls. Apparently what they use in Chicago is what plumbers use to detect leaks, it's just green instead of blue.


Here is what I found fascinating. This only costs $2,000 to put on every year. Most of the time it's sponsored, so they typically make money on the green river. In recent years, the green river was brought to you by Miller Lite. I just think we need more green on Saint Patrick's Day in Wichita Falls.


Plus, we could do this for other holidays as well. Imagine a blood red falls for Halloween? Come on Wichita Falls, find out if we can do this. I know someone in Wichita Falls would love to sponsor the dyeing of the Falls. Heck, at the very least, could we throw some green lights in the thing the week leading up to Saint Patrick's Day?

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