With the end of the drought nowhere in sight, officials have been creating both long and short term water reuse projects, but most of us don’t know how those plans will work. Now a video has been put together to answer your questions concerning a wide range of issues regarding these projects.

Barry Levy, City of Wichita Falls Public Information Officer, states that the video shows:

  • The reason for a short term project and how long it will take to put in place
  • Plans for the long term water reuse project
  • State requirements for implementing both plans
  • The extensive testing process for reuse water
  • About the members of the City’s Water Reuse Advisory Panel, consisting of four doctors with specialties in family medicine, internal medicine/infectious diseases, physical chemistry and geosciences, and their professional opinions and feelings about reuse water and the City’s ability to make the water safe

Officials began working on these projects in April of 2012, so quite a bit of research has gone into implementing these plans. Levy sat down with Russell Schreiber, Public Works Director, to help with the video.

Still, some citizens have concerns about reusing water and don’t want to risk drinking it. Experts weigh in on this, such as Dr. Randall Hallford, Professor of Physical Chemistry at MSU. Having worked in a laboratory that tested water for the E.P.A., Hallford states the facilities used by the city make him confident that they’re doing things right and he’d have no problem drinking the water. Dr. Rebecca Dodge from MSU also weighs in, along with medical professionals Dr. Robert McBroom and Dr. Ahmed Mattar.

If you’d like more information on the city’s water reuse programs, contact the City’s Public Information Office at 940-761-7401.