Hell yeah Wichita Falls got a medal! Shout out to the Wichita Falls Brewing Company.

Over the weekend, the Texas Craft Brewers Guild held their annual Brewers Cup competition to find the best beers in Texas. Several categories were a part of the competition and 81 medals in total went out. 147 breweries across our great state entered. 852 beers were entered into the competition, but not everyone can be a winner.

Wichita Falls Winning Beer?

Wichita Falls Brewing Company was able to win one award in the Classic UK Styles category back in 2022. The beer they won with was called Alcalde. If you're like me and are asking, 'How the hell do you pronounce that. Alcalde (“all-call-day”) was inspired in part by the term used in modern Spanish for a person in a mayoral role and has more significance in its original language as a term for “the judge”.

The beer is described as a roasted crystal malt and has a burnt orange color. Sadly, Wichita Falls did not win an award in 2023. Don't you worry, Alcalde is still on the menu at the Wichita Falls Brewing Company. My personal favorite is The Odd Duck. If you prefer dark beers, I highly recommend it.

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Go get a Detroit style pizza (I like Hawaiian toppings myself), then get a flight of four samples of beer to have a fun night out in Wichita Falls. I also recommend grabbing a deck of the Uno cards from behind the bar. Uno, beer, and pizza is always a good night anytime of the year.

This Wichita Falls Home Was Once a Recording Studio

Back in the day, Wichita Falls was home to Nesman Studio. Who had some very famous clintel come in throughout the years, including Buddy Holly. Today though, the recording studio is gone and it's just a house at 3108 York Avenue. Check it out below.

City Lights Throughout the Years

Before the annual City Lights parade, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos from parades throughout the years. Check them out below.

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