You will forever be missed Munch's Make Believe Band.

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Right at the start of lock down in 2020, you might have noticed some renovations going on at the Wichita Falls Chuck E Cheese. This is nothing new, they're always updating games and technology there. Sadly, more was changing at our Chuck E Cheese. We found out the popular robot band would be going away. I also didn't know this, the play-place went away too.


Yesterday, I decided to check it out. I basically have the mentality of a seven-year-old so a night of pizza and games is good with me. I walked in and it just doesn't feel the same. The area where the band was, is just tables, that's it. More in the center of the restaurant is an electronic dance floor, up above it is a circle of flat screen TVs. This is where Charles Entertainment Cheese will come out and dance with the kids every hour or so.

Before this would take place in the corner of the restaurant, now this is the official 'dance party area'. I could just be looking at this through nostalgia tinted glasses, but I prefer the band. I'm sure the dance floor will eventually become a kid favorite, but I think the kids will be missing out. By the way, you will never be able to convince that the game 'Five Nights at Freddy's' did not have an impact on those bands being removed.

Yes, I have heard these bands would break down from time to time and the company was sick of fixing them. However, a popular video game where a robot band comes to life to try and kill you didn't probably help the band in the long run. I believe Wichita Falls was actually the last Chuck E Cheese to have the band and sadly they're all gone in the state now.


We will miss you Munch, Chuck E., Jasper, and Pasqually. Chuck E. Cheese will still be walking around, but the rest you may just see on posters or in small skits on the TV. It won't be the same in my opinion.

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