You think you can just yell at the band? You can catch these hands sir.

Imagine Being Pissed Off at the Marching Band (Keep Scrolling for POV Video)

What the hell is going on with fights at sporting events recently? Fan fights have become a staple for us every weekend to post, but now we have a fan fighting a member of a Texas band? The video this week comes to us from Texas Southern versus Jackson State. The game was being played in Mississippi and a fan in attendance was heckling a member of the Texas Southern band.

Watch Punches Fly Below

So what had this fan all pissed off at a tuba player? According to the Daily Mail (which is one of the least most credible sources on the planet, but it's all I could find). The fan is yelling at the tuba player for getting spit on...which could happen just naturally from playing most brass instruments. However, maybe the tuba player did spit on this person intentionally. I have no idea because this is all we have. As always with fights in the stands, the person with the high ground typically wins.


What's crazy is...the tuba player knocks this dude down, then gets right back to performing with the band. He knows his job and gets right back to it. You have probably seen the video above yesterday, but a new POV video has started making the rounds. I'm not sure who has this angle because I don't see a phone in the fan's hand.

Sadly the band member won the fight in the stands, but Texas Southern did not win the fight on the field. Jackson State beat Texas Southern 21-19. So this fan might have gone home a little happy with a football win, but he took a big L with those punches to his face.

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