A Wichita Falls man was arrested on drug possession charges on the city’s north side late Monday morning.

Wichita Falls Police got a tip about drugs in a vehicle. KAUZ reports that someone reported a black female putting two bags of marijuana under the seat of a black Dodge car outside the Motel 6 at 1211 Central Freeway near Maurine Street. The tipster apparently also provided police with the car’s license plate number.

When police arrived at the motel, they found the car and black female occupant. Officers reportedly could smell marijuana in the car. 34 year-old Jeredy Sills approached the car and told the officers that he had been smoking marijuana in the car.

A search of the vehicle turned up a Wal-Mart bag containing marijuana, scales, a vacuum sealer and plastic baggies. Sills was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone. The Motel 6 is near Lynwood East Park, which is just northeast of the motel.

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