If this was me, that phone was gone forever. I would think it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Technology nowadays is an amazing thing. You can almost do anything on that smartphone, even listen to NewsTalk 1290. Hell, your phone can even help you find it when you lose it. I remember back in the day, the wireless phone we had in our house, had a page button. When you pushed it, the phone would ring so that you could find it. Essentially that's what this is, just with way better GPS accuracy.

Ben Wilson was traveling from Houston to Wichita Falls. Wilson says he and a pilot were traveling home Monday in a Beechcraft Bonanza when a pressure change caused the passenger door to open slightly. Wilson didn't realize his cellphone fell out until after landing.

Wilson and an employee used an app to narrow the search to near Jacksboro, more than 50 miles away. The pair set on their search Tuesday, and ended up in a rural pasture. They found the cellphone under a mesquite tree.

Whatever case this guy uses on his phone, that company needs to give him some money for advertising. "That's right, [Insert brand name of case] is so strong, it can even survive falling from an airplane." Tell me you wouldn't buy one because of that.

I was shocked to see the phone still working, let alone not in a hundred pieces.