UPDATE (4/14/16 2:45 PM): According to a court document posted by one of the defendants, Nickey Vazquez, Jody Wade has filed a Notice of Nonsuit releasing Vazquez from liability in the lawsuit. The document states that the reason for the nonsuit is because the comments in question have been deleted.

Original Story:

Wichita Falls towing and impound contractor Jody Wade has filed suit against three people who posted allegations about him on Facebook.

According to the lawsuits, Wade is suing over comments made that said he was an arsonist and had paid for gay sex. The first lawsuit names Nickey Vazquez, an administrator of the popular Facebook page Rants and Raves of Wichita Falls, as the defendant, while the second suit names Dinia Lynn Allen and Chris Allen as defendants.

The suits allege that Vazquez allowed Dinia to post on the Facebook page that Wade was "a proven arsonist." The suits also mention the accusations of Wade paying for gay sex but do not specify who made the initial statement. When interviewed by Times Record News, Vasquez said,

We are not on 24 hrs and we are not responsible for what others say.  We state that in our rules. I have also removed many post about Jody and his alleged sexual orientation. We have no control of people's opinions and they have every right to have them! That's what makes America great!

In the second lawsuit, Chris Allen is accused of posting a comment that alleged Wade was receiving special treatment from a sheriff. The co-defendant, Dinia Allen, is identified as an employee of Gary Mills, who is involved in a separate suit against Wade and the city.

Wade was in a legal dispute over Facebook earlier in the year when criminal charges were filed against a man for creating a parody Facebook page of Wade, using his mugshot from a previous arrest. The charges were eventually dropped.

Wade's lawsuits are seeking $40,000 in damages for himself and his business, Jody Wade Enterprises LLC/dba Big Daddy's Towing and Recovery.

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