Earlier this week we learned the Texas Workforce Commission established a hotline for those who are employed at a place that is instituting a vaccine mandate.

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If you're someone that is currently employed at a place in Texas that is instituting a vaccine mandate, the hotline is 800-939-6631 or email vaccine_job_loss@twc.texas.gov. Bill Lockwood host of American Liberty has been talking about potential vaccine mandates coming and he has been interviewing workers in Wichita Falls that have been dealing with this.

The opinions in the following segments do not represent United Regional and these comments are the people's own opinions.

Here is what Bill Lockwood had to say about this week's show:
Three segments of the show feature Jordan Lindsey, charge nurse at United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls; plus Anna Chenault, employee at United Regional. Jordan brings his expertise to the table talk regarding the political nature of the vaccine mandates at the hospital, plus the negative culture that many departments at the hospital have fostered pertaining to the vaccinations. From science to medicine to the politics of the mandates, Jordan is well-versed on the entire issue. As both Anna and Jordan point out, a large percentage of the hospital staff have quit when facing the deadlines to take the vaccine. The mandates have been ruled unconstitutional at all levels of governing, yet the board at United Regional presses on with these vaccine mandates. Why?
Anna Chenault, an employee at United Regional, relates a personal story involving being pressured into taking the vaccines, against the advice and counsel of her doctors--having been denied the exemptions upon application. Now, she is facing heart issues with irregular EKG readings. To make matters worse, the hospital has tried to pressure her to sign a "consent" form after the fact. She has rightly refused this, but the harassment continues.


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