A 16-year-old male is alive thanks to the actions of one of Wichita Falls’ finest.

In a press release, the Wichita Falls Police Department shared the news of the heroic actions of Patrol Officer Steven Pinkstaff. On Monday, November 7 at around 6:26 pm, Officer Pinkstaff was dispatched to the 4500 block of Kell West for a welfare check on a suspected overdose victim.

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When he arrived on the scene, Officer Pinkstaff found the unresponsive male lying next to a vehicle in the parking lot. He then administered a dose of department-issued NARCAN to the victim.

Fortunately, the victim responded to the NARCAN and was taken to United Regional by ambulance. The victim is expected to make a recovery.

Join me in saluting Officer Pinkstaff for a job well done. His decisive action saved that young man from being the latest to lose their life to a fentanyl overdose in Wichita Falls.

Wichita Falls has struggled with the fentanyl epidemic in 2022, leading D.A. John Gillespie to charge those distributing fentanyl with felony murder, which does not require the intent to kill, according to Texoma’s Homepage:

I think juries in our communities will recognize this type of poison is an act dangerous to human life. If you deal this, then you are engaging in acts that are clearly dangerous to human life, and then it causes the death of another…we are sick and tired of seeing these in the community and we want to send a message to the people who deal it…we are going to target you.

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