Gunfire erupted in Wichita Falls today around 9:45 am near the avenues.

Wichita Falls police say three Hispanic males in masks and dressed in black broke into a home in the 2200 block of Monroe Street.

It's unclear what happened inside the home after the men broke in, but police said two men chased the three masked Hispanic men out of the house which is when the shots were possibly fired. According to TRN, one witness said they heard at least five gunshots.

At this point police do not know if anyone was wounded by the gunfire, but one man reportedly had a hand injury. How that injury occurred is unknown.

Police are still searching for the three Hispanic male suspects last seen leaving an alley between Polk St. and Taylor St. One of the suspects was carrying a red backpack.

Because they are in the area of the shooting, both Zundy Junior High and Wichita Falls High School were put on Red Alert, which means visitors are monitored and students are not allowed to leave the building.

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