KFDX is reporting that on Wednesday March 16th, Timothy Pickens stopped by the post office on Southwest Parkway to send out a package.  According to KFDX, later that day he returned to the same post office, and asked the postal employees to return the same package that he dropped off about two hours ago.  Unfortunately, his package could not be returned, since it wasn’t even in Wichita Falls anymore.   In fact, it was already on a truck on its way to the mail distribution center down in Fort Worth.

Once Pickens was informed that it was impossible to retrieve the package, he became enraged with the postal worker.  He even demanded that they call the tuck, and have it turn around to return the package to the Wichita Falls post office.  A supervisor later came out and tried to deescalate the situation, and explain why the package could not be retrieved.

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Unfortunately, the supervisor was unsuccessful at diffusing the situation.  After being told multiple times that the package couldn’t be returned, Pickens allegedly grabbed the supervisor by the shirt, and even hit him in the face.  Perkins then fled the scene after other employees, and customers broke up the fight.

Thankfully, the whole scene was caught on camera.  After reviewing the post office’s surveillance system, Wichita Falls police were able to identify the suspect as Timothy  Perkins.

KFDX is reporting that last Wednesday, law enforcement went to his apartment to serve the arrest warrant. When police first arrived to his residence, Perkins identified himself.  Once he was informed that he was under arrest, he tried to go back inside to avoid being taken into custody.  After attempting to fight off the arresting officers, Perkins was arrested and taken into police custody.

It is unknown what was in the package that Perkins wanted back, who it was sent to, or even why he wanted it back.

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