This does not count as joining the mile high club.

Leanna Swingler from Hutto, Texas was on her way back home from Los Angeles, California. She was traveling to the Austin airport and had quite the interesting flight experience. Leanna was sitting in the middle seat and a man sat beside her taking the aisle seat.

The two chatted before the flight took off, but she would eventually put her headphones on. At some point on the flight, this guy took out a laptop and put it on his lap. He then put his hands under the laptop and began moving them. She said internally,  'Oh, my god. I think he's masturbating.' She told the woman on the window seat and she was just as shocked.

She didn't want to cause a scene, so she pretended to go to the bathroom. She went and told the flight attendants what was happening. 'They said they had never seen anything like that before,' Swingler said. She snapped a photo on her phone of the man with his hands under the laptop. The two women in the aisle moved seats so they didn't have to sit next to creepy tom the rest of the flight.

Screenshot from KVUE
Screenshot from KVUE

The weird thing is after they landed he just walked off the flight. Leanna Swingler appreciated everything the flight crew did, except for letting this guy just walk away like he did nothing wrong. She filed a report with a Southwest Airlines supervisor. They gave her two flight vouchers.

Southwest airlines released the following statement on the situation:

We are investigating a customer’s report of inappropriate behavior by another passenger onboard a flight yesterday evening. Initial reports indicate that our flight attendants addressed the situation prior to landing and a supervisor on the ground was available to address the customer’s concerns and assist further. While we cannot control the actions of other passengers, the safety of our passengers and crew is of our utmost concern. We remain diligent in investigating and addressing this situation.

Upon receiving reports of inappropriate behavior from a customer, our flights attendants will offer to reseat the individual(s). Then, they will request law enforcement meet the flight upon landing to assist, if needed. It appears that law enforcement was requested; however, the person managed to quickly deplane and leave the area before law enforcement could arrive."

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